I-601 Waiver GRANTED – Client Received Immigrant Visa (March 2018)

Success Story: I-601 Waiver Granted – Client to Receive Immigrant Visa (March 2018)

 On a March 2018 decision, USCIS Service Center in Lincoln Nebraska approved an I-601 Application waiving the client’s criminal conviction.

 Client was a Norwegian citizen and applied for an immigrant visa as a derivative beneficiary. After the interview, he was found inadmissible by the US Consulate in Stockholm for committing a crime of moral turpitude pursuant to section 212(a))(2)A(i)(I) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The unfortunate incident which stemmed the conviction happened over 18 years ago and it was one isolated incident.

 After consulting with the client, Attorney Nguyen D. Luu, reviewed the client’s family and employment history and determined that client has a strong likelihood to win approval for I-601 Waiver of Inadmissibility.

 Attorney Nguyen D. Luu works closely with the client and his family to prepare witnesses’ supporting letters, documentary evidence, and a persuasive legal memorandum to establish that client met the statutory requirements and deserved a favorable exercise of discretion from USCIS.

 The I-601 application was well documented and USCIS approved the application without issuing any request for further evidence. US Consulate has since issued the client’s immigrant visa to reunite with his family in the US.

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