I-601 Waiver GRANTED for Daughter of LPR Parents - Client to Receive Immigrant Visa (May 2019)

Success Story: I-601 Waiver Granted for Daughter of LPR Parents - Client to Receive Immigrant Visa (May 2019)

In a May 2019 decision, USCIS Service Center in Lincoln Nebraska approved an I-601 Application our office filed on July 2018.

Client is a beneficiary of an immigration petition filed by her U.S. citizen sister. Her parents are Legal Permanent Residence (“LPR.”) After 12 years of waiting for her visa priority to become current, she was interviewed by U.S. Consulate for her immigrant visa.

After the interview, she was found inadmissible for misrepresentation due to her previous marriage with a US Citizen spouse over 10 years before. Unfortunately, this happened because her marriage ended in a divorce and the couple relied on the assistance of a document preparer who did not prepare them properly for the Consular interview.

Attorney Nguyen D. Luu works closely with the client and her family to prepare supporting letters, documentary evidence, and a persuasive legal memorandum to establish that client’s LPR parents would suffer extreme hardship if they have to relocate to their home country.

The I-601 application was well documented and USCIS approved the within just 10 months. Client is in the process of receiving her immigrant visa to reunite with her family in the US.

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